ImageAwhile ago I ventured to a new borough in the city. It’s the home to a list of many talented people including: Jay-Z, Woody Allen, Adam Sandler, Anne Hathaway, and the notorious Al Capone. It’s name…Brooklyn, and you should definitely visit if given the chance. 

The two main areas I explored were DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and Crown Heights. Apparently DUMBO used to be more of an industrial area but has since developed into a place where artists and for-profit businesses thrive (according to Wikipedia). 

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Doane alum Andrew Pray, agency lead of Praytell Strategy, a brand-new communications agency with some big things lined up. He gave me a tour around DUMBO which is absolutely gorgeous. There’s a park between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges with one of the best views of the city that I’ve seen thus far. One of these days I’m going back during the evening to see the skyscrapers lit up in all their steel/concrete glory. 

I planned on walking the Brooklyn Bridge, but it just so happened the weather was unbearably hot that weekend and I decided to save that for another day. However, during his tour, Andrew told me about the historic pizza place Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge. Apparently the original owner Patsy Grimaldi lost the rights to use his first name for his business and sold Grimaldi’s in 1998 according to an article from Therefore he opened Juliana’s right next to Grimaldi’s and is still running the business and cooking in his 80’s. Today Grimaldi’s is more of a tourist trap, so naturally I decided to try Juliana’s instead (the summer in NYC is horribly touristy). It was probably the freshest  tasting pizza I’ve ever had in my life, no joke. I’m definitely going back.

Crown Heights also had its own neat places, and it’s very close to Prospect Park, which I’ve heard is beautiful. I’m adding that to my list of places I need to go back and visit in Brooklyn. 

Who knows, maybe i’ll end up back in Brooklyn for good?



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