Getting acquainted with public transportation

ImageWell, I’ve been here a little over a month now and there are still times when the metro wins.  Yes, sometimes I still take the wrong train and find myself having to backtrack.

Being from Nebraska means just about the only form of transportation I’ve ever used is my car. Also, living in a small town, or village as most would call it, doesn’t make it easy to go shopping for clothes or other needs. We drive an hour to find a shopping mall and three hours to the nearest airport. Be aware though, that this is all done in the comfort of our own car. That is hardly ever the case in New York where parking for a month can be $600 in Manhattan and you have to fight for a seat on the subway. The plus side is, everything is closer and more accessible.

Taking the train is how almost everyone gets around here. It just makes the most sense. Picture yourself in a real-life game of Mario Kart…I’m sure that can’t be much different than driving in New York City.

I knew once I got here I’d have to take the subway into the city for work everyday, and I was actually excited about it. It was something different, and I could space off on the trip instead of having to always be alert and watch the road. However, I was terrified at getting lost and ending up in a scary section of the city. Its true, I did get lost a few times…just the other day I was trying to get to 23rd street in Manhattan and ended up on 23rd street on the other side of the river. Needless to say, I found my way back after I internally yelled at myself for still getting lost.


There are a couple apps though, that really help me out when I’m taking a new train to a new destination. The New York Subway Map and HopStop can tell you any route to take. They also give the estimated time it will take to get where you’re headed. These have actually saved me a lot of time and stress in the city. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of this public transportation thing…I usually just put my headphones in and enjoy not having to take control of the wheel. Once I get back though, I’ll make sure to take a nice long drive somewhere and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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