Sky High View

Top of the Rock                 Empire State Building

With its bustling streets and unbelievably tall skyscrapers, New York City can seem very hectic and overwhelming. However, on the top of one of those mountains of steel and glass, life is quieter.

This weekend I had the chance to trek up both the Top of The Rock and The Empire State Building. The view at both was definitely breath-taking. Despite the other tourists chattering and taking pictures, the world seemed a little less busy. I was able to take a deep breath and stare out at the amazing architecture that this city is so famous for.

Both buildings have a neat history and were built during the 1930’s. The Empire State Building was actually finished early and under budget due to the decline in material costs during the Depression.

Difference between the viewing decks:

Empire State Building: The lower viewing deck has a concrete barrier up to the chest or shoulders depending how tall you are. It also has steel bars on top of the barrier. My parents and I went at about 8pm and it was still extremely crowded on the deck. The night view was fantastic, but I would suggest going around 10 or 11pm because the deck is open until 12 or 1am.

Top of The Rock: The viewing deck has two levels and the barriers are made of thick glass. It is much easier to view the city from this deck. I’d also say its better to take pictures on because it was less crowded when we went in the middle of the day.

In a city where you can feel like, as my dad would put it “you’re walking in a hole” because everything is stacked up above you, its easy to walk by these buildings without realizing what they are. I’ve done it plenty of times!


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