Best Deal in the City


I’d have to coin the 99 cent pizza joints in New York City as the best bang for your buck. There’s no way I can afford to eat out everyday, but if I’m in the mood for a quick, cheap, yet delicious meal I head down to 55th and Broadway to 99 Cent Fresh Pizza

At first I was a little ‘sketched out’ about the quality of pizza the people chomp on at these shops, but I decided to take my chances and buy a piece for myself. It’s not a joke when your total comes to a mere $2 for a decent slice of pizza and a drink (if you say ‘pop’ in NY people look at you weird, they know right away you aren’t from the East Coast FYI).

There aren’t any actual tables or chairs at most of these joints, so expect to stand and eat your pizza at what is basically a shelf attached to the wall. It’s definitely not the place to go if you’re looking for a nice sit-down meal, but if you want to make your tummy and wallet happy you should definitely stop in and buy a slice.

These little pizza shops are located all over Manhattan, and chances are you’ll come across one before you even need to take your phone out and Google its location. The slices are also easy to fold in half, so you won’t look like you’re trying too hard to be a New Yorker.


3 thoughts on “Best Deal in the City

  1. Callie,

    Well, welcome to NYC. I graduated Doane in 1974. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and had never even been to Connecticut in my life and here I was heading to small town Nebraska having just turned 17 (I was in school one year ahead of most other kids – don’t know how my Mom did that, but she did!). So, you might say I was the opposite of you – big town to small town. NY is a great place. The city truly never sleeps and there is always something to do for whatever it is you like to do. You may find yourself falling in love with the place like I fell in love with Nebraska. Even though I came back to Brooklyn after school, to this day I miss Nebraska and Doane tremendously. I have worked at AT&T Corp since 1974 and am now in a NJ location working for the company. Funny thing when you mentioned about perfecting a Brooklyn accent – the very first day I was in Crete in August 1970 and I met someone, the first thing they asked me was “Where are you from, Brooklyn??”. I was astounded that I talked so different from everyone else. Not having traveled much at all, it just floored me.

    I wish you the best in your future. You will begin to understand as you get older how valuable the education you received at Doane will be and the times spent there and friendships made will be more treasured.

    Ed Yaeger ’74

    • So thrilled you took a look at my blog! I am absolutely falling in love with NYC, although I don’t care to find myself in Times Square anymore (way to many tourists) but I think I’m starting to get the hang of things here. I am actually staying in Brooklyn next week for the 4th of July and can’t wait to experience it! I’ve heard great things about it. Doane is a wonderful place and I am so happy I decided to pursue higher education there. I love hearing Doane stories from alumni, because believe me, history usually repeats itself and tradition remains there. Hope you get back to Nebraska every once an awhile, its a great state with some great people.

      I hope you keep reading! Let me know if there is anything I should try while I’m here for the summer!



      • If you get a chance I would certainly take in a Yankee game or Met game. I myself grew up, and am to this day, a Met fan. But, the tradition that is the “Yankees” is amazing. You may find that people are divided in the city – as I grew up, you were either a Met fan or a Yankee fan – BUT DEFINITELY NOT BOTH!!! I still see that division when I travel to Chicago occasionally (WhiteSox or Cubs – BUT DEFINITELY NOT BOTH!!!)

        Enjoy your time in Brooklyn. It is a great place and with so many different cultures, you can experience a lifetime in 24 hours. Let me know what you think of it. I am from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Not too far from Prospect Park.

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