A Night at the Ballet

Metropolitan Opera House

The other day at work I was offered one free ticket to see the ballet Romeo and Juliet at the Metropolitan Opera House, and I didn’t hesitate to take it. Having never been to a real ballet before, I was excited for an opportunity to find my seat in the balcony and settle in. If you’ve never visited this very large and impressive opera house, please put it on your bucket list, it’s fantastic. Lincoln Center (area it is located) is also quite the eye catcher with it’s wonderfully lit fountain smack dab in the middle.

As I entered, grand staircases welcomed me, the kind I dreamed about climbing as a kid. I made my way up to the balcony, for one of the best views of the opera house. The first thing I noticed were the chandeliers that hung from the gold ceiling. And the best part was watching them physically rise to the top before the performance.

The curtain opened and there stood the dancers in the marketplace scene. When Romeo appeared on stage the audience applauded his arrival. The performance was great and it helped that I actually knew the story line (thanks 8th grade English). I’d have to say though, that the most impressive aspect of the ballet was the sword fighting. It was even on beat with the music. Be impressed. The last scene when Romeo and Juliet are dying in the Capulet family crypt was also beautiful, because not only do the performers have to be phenomenal dancers, they have to be experienced actors as well.

When the curtain closed and I walked out I couldn’t help looking back at the opera house and thinking how fortunate I was to receive the chance to be in a place with such beauty and a rich history of the arts.



One thought on “A Night at the Ballet

  1. You made me see the ballet with you! Thank you for the view of NYC and the sites you are seeing. We love you and are very proud of you!

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