You Need an Umbrella

Rain on Broadway

It’s true. You can’t stand under the marquee of a theatre and expect the rain to stop within the next 10 minutes, because it won’t. These last few days have been pretty wet and gloomy in the city, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone. I’ve come to notice that New Yorkers really never stop. They’re just trying to get somewhere fast, whether it be work or home. I can absolutely sympathize with them. After work I’m just looking for a fast route home, even if it means riding on a packed subway full of freshly rained on city-dwellers. Everyone gets used to the pushing and shoving eventually, even if you’re from small town Nebraska where your “next door neighbor” is actually 5 miles away in some cases. But back to the rain…umbrellas are truly amazing. You know those touristy stores that sell everything you can imagine plastered in NYC logos? Well, they also sell cheap umbrellas, and you’ll need one. Just remember to close it before you head down to the subway, because honestly, who wants to be poked in the eye and dripped on while waiting for your ride home?


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